Here are some projects that feature animated elements. These projects demonstrate my animation and motion graphics knowledge and experience. As well as editing and keying.​​​​​​​
Work for the Houston Rockets
Here is a sample of the animation work I did as a Video Production Intern with the Houston Rockets. The content I created was made in Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. 
To Truly Hear Nothing
Maggie Roback, Rhett Shepherd, Sky Christoph, Ryan Sowulewski, Maggie Abell, Adien Mirza
A collaborative project built largely in Adobe After Effects. For this project we filmed on three cameras on a green screen cyclorama and floor. Doing so allowed for our performer to improvise their movements without being as restricted. My more notable contributions include keying footage, editing, and creating the water scene at 1:07.
Track: Anatomics - ROBIN (2021)
This project includes a mix of Maxon Red Giant and Adobe After Effects tools and skills to create visualizations for a music track.
Just Practice
An exploration of 2.5D and 3D animation in Adobe After Effects with camera movement and lights.
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